My Pipes Have Burst! I Think?

How do you even know when a pipe has burst? And how do you ensure you get the correct work carried out and have the problem fixed effectively and in the most cost-effective way.

At Mr Drains Plumbing Services, we can correctly diagnose your plumbing issues and provide the best solutions to repair or replace any burst pipes.

How do I know if my water pipes have burst?

Several factors will indicate a burst pipe:

  1. A drop in water pressure – have you noticed your shower is a little weaker? Do you have less water coming from the tap? This may be the first sign of a burst pipe.
  2. Visible pipe damage – An easy one to assess, as an external pipe may have suffered some form of wear and needs urgent repair.
  3. Discoloured or smelly water – may be caused by rusty pipes, which often leads to burst pipes.
  4. Depressions or soft patches in your yard – a leaking or burst pipe means that areas of your lawn may have water forming just under the surface and a constant leak is a real possibility.
  5. Standing Water – Have you noticed any puddles or pools of standing water forming? This may indicate a burst pipe under your lawn or paving.
  6. Noisy taps – This issue relates to your water pressure. High water pressure in the pipes can cause a sudden closing of the valve resulting in your tap making whistling noises and a hammering sound within your plumbing system.
  7. Watermarks – If you see watermarks appearing on your wall or the floor, this is a good indicator that you may have a leak or burst pipe.
  8. Increased water bill – The one issue you will notice! If your bills are unexpectedly higher, a burst pipe leaking water may be the issue.

What should I do if a pipe on my property bursts?

Step one, try to locate the source of the leak. This isn’t always easy, as where you see the water or the leak’s effects may be some distance from the source.

A few ways to assess the source can be.

  • Check all appliances connected to the plumbing – washing machine, dishwasher, hot water system, even the air conditioner.
  • Check your toilet, both the pipes and inside the bowl.
  • Don’t forget to check outside as well, hoses, taps and sprinklers.

If you can locate the source, can you isolate the leak? Can you turn off the water supply to the affected pipe? This will stop any further water damage to your property if you can.

The repair work may be as simple as replacing a washer or tightening a connection in some cases. If not, it’s time to phone the professionals, and you can call Mr Drains plumbing 24/7 and request a free quote to have the repair work done, and the issue resolved as soon as possible.

How do I Detect a Burst Pipe?

Once you have confirmed that one of your pipes has burst, you’ll need to establish where the damage has occurred. In many cases, a plumbing professional will be able to do this, but there are ways that you can confirm the location yourself.

Pipe patching Sydney
Plumbing repair service. Professional installer with spanner checking pipe.

First, turn off all water appliances and not use your toilet, taps, dishwasher, or washing machine.

Next, allow around 30 minutes before checking your water meter. If the meter has changed or continues to tick over, you know you have a leaking pipe.

Is the leak inside or outside? To ascertain this, turn off the water shutoff valve at the point where the water goes into your home. Then recheck the water meter. If the meter has stopped, then the leak is most likely inside. If your meter is still moving, the issue will be outside.

Once you have the issue narrowed down, you want to try and determine the exact source of the problem. Start by checking the prominent areas such as showers, taps, toilets, etc.

If you cannot locate the source, it’s time to phone the professionals; it’s time to get Mr Drains Plumbing on the line!

Who do you call when a water pipe breaks?

Mr Drains have an experienced group of specialist plumbers who are fully licensed, insured and will show the utmost respect for your home as they fix your plumbing issue. After we quote to repair your burst pipe, we’ll give you a fixed, up-front price, so you don’t get any surprises after the job is completed.

Communication is critical when we are working with you, and all Mr Drains plumbers will clearly explain your problem and how they will repair it with a minimum of fuss and disruption to you and your home.

All work carried out by Mr Drains receives a Lifetime Warranty on repairs and installation to give you absolute peace of mind when the job is completed.

As one of Sydney’s leading plumbing service companies, we are proud to offer 24/7 emergency plumbing, so whether it’s an urgent repair causing disruptions at home, or damage inflicted from a sudden storm, we’ll be ready to assist in times of need.

Call us anytime for a free quote or consultation.

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