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Water & Gas Services

Mr Drains is a plumbing and gas experts near you who specialises in locating and fixing gas leaks, water leaks, burst pipes and servicing water filtration systems.

When you combine these services with our dedication to quality, it’s easy to see why we’ve built a solid reputation. We have emergency plumbing service available 24 hours a day that we can dispatch to businesses and homes within minutes of a call. We pride ourselves in being fast, punctual and thorough with a strong focus on customer service.

Burst Pipes

Leaking or burst water pipes cost you in terms of both convenience and cost.

Pipes can corrode, break down, leak, or even burst. This is particularly common in older properties. If your water has lost pressure, is brown in colour, or carries sediment, then your pipes may have problems.

Many times a leak can go on for weeks or even months before being discovered. The leak can cause structural damage to your home and untold damage to your valuables, household items and property. During that time, you may lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of water, which is charged to you on your water bill. If you plumbing and gas experts near you will detect and repair a leak at your property, our plumbers can submit a Concealed Water leak form on your behalf to Sydney Water, to have your money credited on your next bill.

If you suspect you leak try the below;

Mr Drains Plumbing Tricks & TipsLeak Detection

  1. Turn off all taps in the building and ensure and the toilets aren’t running.
  2. Note down the numbers on your water meter
  3. Wait around 20 minutes (ensure all taps are off  and do not flush any toilets.)
  4. Check the number again and if they have increased it means you have a leak.
  5. Save money today by calling Mr Drains to restore your water pipes to proper working condition.

Call Mr Drains on 9986 1234, 24 hours, 7 days a week for immediate service to minimise the damage.


Natural gas under normal conditions serves as one of the cleanest, most environmentally responsible, and efficient major sources of energy. When gas leaks, however, it can pose a threat to property and lives.

According to Energy Australia, if you suspect a gas leak, normally through a distinctive smell or an increase in the quarterly gas bill, you should first turn off the main gas tap. The gas providers strongly advises that you call an experienced and licensed gas fitter as quickly as possible after discovering the presence of a leak. If you notice a lingering “rotten egg” smell in or around your home, call Mr Drains immediately.

For all emergency gas leaks, Mr Drains is on the scene fast to keep your family or business safe.

We can also install gas appliances such as stoves, ovens, BBQ’s, heaters and hot water heaters, in line with building codes and safety regulations.

Water filtration

Are you noticing milky or brown coloured water coming from your tap? This could suggest that rust or a build up of calcium is present in your water pipes. The best way to eliminate this from your drinking water is by installing a water filtration system. Water filtration systems give you a great tasting, healthy alternative to tap water, right at your kitchen sink.

Call a plumbing and gas expert near you on 9986 1234, to discuss the many options available to suit every family.