Tree Roots In Pipes

Tree Roots In Pipes


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Tree Roots in Drain Pipes

Having issues with tree roots in your drain pipes? Mr Drains can sort it out for you. Tree roots can produce an array of issues for your home’s plumbing. The roots can embed their way through minor cracks or gaps in your drains, and essentially take over the interior of your drains, which can have a significant effect on the flow of sewer and water. Tree roots in drains will lead to your drainage blocking up and cause health risks and massive inconvenience to you. Our plumbers are trained in the latest drain clearing equipment. We are here to help identify the drainage issue for you. We will supply you with up front honest advice.

Tree Roots in Drain Pipes

One of the most common causes of drain blockages and damage are tree roots in drain pipes. But why are they such a big problem? Take a look at some of the key reasons that make roots in drain networks such a menace.

Tree roots are stronger than you might think

You probably think your drain is made of stern stuff, and you’d be right. However, it might surprise you that tree roots can be even sterner, tougher, and stronger. Tree roots can strangle, punch holes in, and even crush and collapse pipes and drains.

Tree roots grow to be very long indeed

You might think that your property is safe from the roots of any trees nearby – at the bottom of your garden or somewhere similar. However, even trees that seem relatively distant from your property may have root networks extending right up to and even into your drains.

Tree roots in drains and pipes can be tricky to get rid of

When your garden trees get a little unruly in the foliage department, it is fairly straightforward to give them a good pruning. Below ground, this is not so easy and may require a more technical approach. If you try to tackle this by yourself, you may end up causing a lot of disruption at your property and even damaging your pipes further.

This is why it is so important to contact the experts and bring a skilled team like Mr Drains on your side to help you get the job done. Get in touch with Mr Drains today 02 9986 1234!


How fast do tree roots grow in sewer pipes?

The tree roots are constantly growing. Even if the tree itself is suffering from a lack of nutrients, the roots will keep growing in order to make up for the lack of nutrition.

Additional nutrients and moisture within a drain pipe mean that once a tree root enters the pipe, growth is greatly increased, as conditions for growth have improved. The tree root can enter the pipe in a matter of weeks, and once in there, will spend their time growing regularly and rapidly! The actual speed varies from plant to plant. However, the tree roots don’t stop being a threat once removed. This is due to their ability to burrow right back into the pipe.

This repeated invasion can take as little as a month, but it could also take a few years. Usually, the speed with which the tree root enters our drain pipe again depends on the way the initial invasion was treated and the long-term treatment of the drain pipe. Depending on how extensive the treatment is from Mr Drains, the tree roots may end up not posing any issues for many years in the future. But it's best not to take risks with repeated tree root issues. Call Mr Drains now to arrange a drain inspection, where we will assess the problem and offer the best possible solution for you. Call now on (02) 9986 1234.

How to get rid of tree roots in pipes?

There are many ways you can rid yourself of tree roots in your drain pipes. DIY options abound and many can, over time, can have some positive effects. But the honest truth is that the best way to remove tree roots from your drain (and put in place measures to prevent them from returning!) is to let the professionals handle it and treat the problem efficiently and effectively. Whilst digging up and replacing pipes from tree root damage may seem like the easiest solution, the Mr Drains team recognise that keeping your beautiful landscaped garden and lawn intact is important to most families. That's why we offer our pipe relining service, allowing root removal and repairs to be carried out and leaving your garden and yard undisturbed. You can learn more about pipe relining here and book a free drain inspection via our contact page.

A drain inspection will include the use of a high-quality drain inspection camera, allowing our plumbing professionals to show you the extent of your tree root issue and the steps needed to repair the pipe or reline it. Call us today to book - (02) 9986 1234.