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 Hot Water Systems

Your hot water system is the engine room for your home, Did you know your hot water system needs maintenance ?

Tips for prolonging the life of your hot water system.

  1. Ensure you have a pressure limiting valve installed on the cold water inlet.
  2. Regularly release some water through your TPR Valve (Temperature pressure relief valve)
  3. Replace the Anode in your hot water system every 3-4 years.

Did you know you can install a Temperature control valve on your hot water system to prevent accidental scalding, We highly recommend this device if you have young kids or elderly people living with you. For more information on water quality and services that might affect your plumbing, visit Sydney Water. To understand the plumbing regulations and standards, such as Plumbing Standard AS3500, that we adhere to to ensure quality work, click here. or call our hot water plumber at 9986 1234

Choosing the right Hot water system for your home.

There are several different options on the market now when it comes to selecting a new hot water system for your home some of the important factors to consider are.

  • The amount of hot water needed daily for the number of people living in your home.
  • The length of time you plan on staying in the home.
  • What type of system best suits you – Electric, Gas, Solar, Continuous Flow or Heat Pump? Selecting the correct unit is important for your energy in the years to come.
  • Budget.
  • Location of the system – Inside, outside or downside of the house.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your hot water system. Call your hot water plumber today at 9986 1234.


Why am I running out of hot water so quickly?

When using the water from the shower or tap, you can always set the proper temperature. This is not without its issues. You can run out of hot water due to piping problems as there are cases when the pipes can be broken or faulty. Unknowingly, cold and hot water can mistakenly be combined. Then they come out of the tap cold, making you think that you’ve run out of hot water when in fact, you haven’t.

You may have a good water tank and a working thermostat, but your pipes might be so old or broken that no good water tank could fix. In such cases, you need the help of a reliable plumbing service that can repair what you have, install proper piping, and advise you on appropriate care and maintenance. Contact us now on (02) 99861 1234.

What should I do if I have a plumbing emergency?

Follow these steps immediately if you have a plumbing emergency at your property;

  1. Shut off the water
  2. Assess the damage – you may be able to quickly fix the issue yourself, see above for some of the steps you can take to deal with a blocked drain
  3. Contact Mr. Drains Plumbing Services immediately. We are available 24/7 to help with plumbing emergencies. Call (02) 9986 1234
What areas of Sydney do you service?

Mr. Drains covers all areas of Sydney and are available 24/7. Visit our website to contact us today.

How to switch from a gas to an electric water heater?

While not as common in many homes, it is possible to switch from a gas water heater to an electric one. Since they have fewer internal parts, electric water heaters generally have a longer service life. They can also take up less space inside your home. As for installation, the electrical system will likely need to be reconfigured to accommodate the new appliance. A professional will also need to turn off the gas line for the old gas water heater. Overall though, the upfront costs of installing an electric water heater are usually lower than gas. If you are looking to switch from gas to electric, call Mr Drains Plumbing Services now to discuss with one of our expert plumbing specialists – (02) 9986 1234.

Where can I repair my gas water heater?

Mr Drains specialises in locating and fixing gas leaks, water leaks, burst pipes and servicing water filtration systems. When you combine these services with our dedication to quality, it’s easy to see why we’ve built a solid reputation. We have emergency plumbing service available 24 hours a day that we can dispatch to businesses and homes within minutes of a call. We pride ourselves in being fast, punctual and thorough with a strong focus on customer service.

Should you drain your water heater periodically?

You should flush their water heaters every six months or so, but if you are in a hard water area, you may want to do it more often. Flushing your hot water heater could be necessary as often as every few months depending on the mineral content of your local water supply. Prior to draining the tank, you need to turn off your gas water heater. A vacation setting might do the trick. You should also find out whether its pilot light must be lit manually. The best source for this information is the original owner’s manual, because pilot lighting procedures vary among models. If you don’t have a manual, check the water heater’s label for a brand name and model number and try to look up the manual online. There may also be pilot lighting instructions printed on a label on the tank. If you are unsure of how to manage this process, Mr Drains is here to help. Simply contact us on (02) 9986 1234 and we can assist.

What can I do if my water heater is hissing and leaking?

First, you need to determine the possible causes of the hissing. After that, you’ll need to figure out what to do to make the noise stop (hopefully forever). Keep in mind that the appropriate action depends on how your water heater is behaving. If at any point you feel that your water heater is not working properly, TURN IT OFF and call a professional for help. Possible causes include condensation, leaks, sediment or a leak. If you need help in determining the cause and most importantly the solution, call Mr Drains today for help from the professionals – (02) 9986 1234