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Burst Pipes

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Going home and seeing a puddle of water on your kitchen floor is not the sight you want to see after a long day’s work. It’s also not a situation you want to deal with anytime. This situation is one of the signs and outcomes that you have a damaged or bursting pipe. If left unrepaired, it can cause structural damage, flooding, attract pests and help bacteria live and grow. 

Prevent sewer pipe water damage. Let the experts handle the broken pipes and cracked sewer pipe repairs. Reach out to the experienced Mr Drains to do the plumbing repairs for you. Just dial our number, and we’ll be there.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

Burst pipes commonly happen when the weather gets colder. Cold weather is not typical in Australia, but it’s better to be aware in case it happens. We always recommended checking your pipes or letting an expert examine it for you to detect deteriorating pipes before it bursts.

Here are preventive measures you can do during the cold weather:
  1. Know your water supply system. Be familiar with where you can find the main stopcock so you can easily switch off the water supply when needed
  2. Keep your home as warm as possible
  3. Keep in mind where the tap valve so you can switch it off easily
  4. Always check if the taps are turned off
In case there are frozen pipes:
  1. Thaw your frozen pipe using hot water bottles or a cloth soaked in hot water. In doing so, you should start from the one nearest to the tap
  2. Don’t use naked flames or flames produced by candles, burners and the like
In case the pipes burst:
  1. Turn off the main valve and other taps
  2. Block the water coming out of the pipe with a towel or other thick cloth available
  3. Call a plumbing repair service to assist you

Signs of a Broken Pipe

We advise property owners to watch out for these signs to have early prevention of broken pipes. Whenever you see at least one of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to call Mr Drains to get the job done for you.


  1. High Water Bills – If you notice high water bills, even if you didn’t change anything with your water usage, there’s a high chance you have broken pipes or a running toilet
  2. Weak Water Pressure – When the water coming out of your faucet is lesser than what usually comes out of it
  3. Low Water Quality – Water coming out of your faucets are now brown, foggy and has a bad odour
  4. Puddles of Water – When you notice there are puddles of water near your pipes, beneath the sink and more
  5. Banging or Rumbling Sounds – Whenever you turn on your faucet or shower, you hear banging or rumbling sounds near your central water system or from your pipes around the house
  6. Cracking and movement in the house as water may be getting under the founations of the house.

What are the Causes of Burst Pipes?

Blocked Pipes

Pipes can get blocked through time because of mineral buildup. When this happens, there’s increased pressure that leads to pipe breakage or burst pipes.

Freezing Temperatures

This is one of the most common causes of a burst pipe, but it’s not common in Australia. The low temperatures can freeze the pipes and the water running in it. When this happens, the water expands in the cramped space, putting pressure on the pipe walls.

Old Pipe Age

Pipes are indeed built to last for years, but there will come a time it’ll break down and corrode because of wear and tear, low pH (when the water becomes more acidic) and other factors. That’s why it’s essential to know how old your pipes are so the plumber can see if it’s time for an upgrade or to fix it.

Tree Roots

Watch out when there’s a tree growing near or beside your pipeline. The roots may grow towards the pipelines because it detects water, oxygen and nutrients. Soon enough, the roots may cause ruptures, get entangled on the pipe or go inside cracks and block the pipes from the inside.

How Mr Drains Do Plumbing Repairs

There are do-it-yourself options to help you give your pipes a temporary fix, but it’s always best to consult professionals to ensure your pipes are fixed, replaced or upgraded the right way.

We value our customers, and that’s why we always make sure to scope the surrounding areas and pipe symptoms before coming up with a conclusion. To fix plumbing problems and broken pipes, Mr Drains uses water leak detection equipment to accurately diagnose the problem, allowing us to think of the best solution to your damaged pipes.

Don’t let your pipes interrupt your daily life. Contact Mr Drains, and we can handle the cracked sewer pipe repairs, plumbing repairs and more for you.