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Pipe Patching

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Get Broken and Damaged Pipes Fixed in Sydney, Australia

Broken pipes can cause severe damage to your home, equipment and surroundings. If you notice poor water quality, low water pressure, foul odour from the water, gurgling toilets or there’s a tree growing near your pipes, it’s time to reach out to a reliable plumbing service provider to help you. Mr Drains can assist you with everything pipe related. Our team is trained to take on even the trickiest plumbing jobs and provide great customer service. Reach out to us so we can scope your area and get started with the repairs.

What is a Pipe Patching?

Broken pipes don’t necessarily always mean that the whole line of the pipe is broken. Sometimes, only a section of it is damaged, which can be caused by the changes in the environment, tree roots and more. This is why we need to scope the area first and ask you a few questions about the pipe because this will give us an overview of the situation. The information you’ll provide us with and what we’ve found from investigating will help us recommend the best solution for your pipes. When we do find damage on your pipes and only a part of it needs to be fixed, this is where we suggest doing pipe patching.

Pipe patching, which is also called sectional pipe repair, is a method wherein fibreglass and special resin are used as a patch to cover only the pipe’s damaged part. With the use of a drain camera, we’re able to inspect and locate the damage and then use our drain patch repair kit to do trenchless pipe patching—we bring the resin to the section that needs repair, fit it and wait for it to cure before removing our special equipment.

Mr Drains Can Help

Whether it’s pipe patching or pipe replacing, Mr Drains’ team can help you. We follow a process to ensure quality results—investigating, planning, recommending, and taking action. We always make sure our customers are fully aware of the solutions we have in mind. Our team discusses each solution’s advantages and disadvantages because we want customers to be fully on board first before we take action.


Say goodbye to broken pipes and damages. Book an appointment with us, and let’s discuss possible solutions to your plumbing problems.

Pipe Patching or Replacement — Which is Better? 

Pipes are indeed a great investment because it’s built to last. But, some factors contribute to decreasing its lifespan. These factors cause short-term and long-term damage. So, how would you know when is the best time to repair or to replace?


Aside from getting a recommendation from an expert plumber, it’s also important to know the warning signs of a broken or old pipe:

  1. You always call a plumber to fix your pipes
  2. Simple problems open bigger problems when you try to fix your pipes
  3. There’s rust coming out of your faucet


The best option is to consult your trusted plumbing service in Sydney, Australia. The experts are the people you can rely on and provide the best solution, whether it’s a repair or replacement. In terms of investment, the costs may differ depending on the pipes’ conditions. If you keep calling plumbers in Sydney, Australia to help you, now is the time to think about changing your pipes. Repiping is more affordable if your pipes have been working for a long time and are prone to breakage than before despite being fixed. Learn about water conservation techniques and their environmental impact from the Australian Environment Agency.


For repairs, aside from pipe patching, we can also do a sectional reline of your pipes. It depends on how much damage your pipes have. We do pipe patching if there are specific sections, while we do pipe relining if he damage is bigger and longer.