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Blocked Sink

blocked sink

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Are you always experiencing blocked sinks?

Blocked sinks are often caused by hair, food, oil, dirt, soap scum and gets stuck in the drain. With everyday use, gunk accumulates and blocks the drain. There’s no need to worry as there are easy solutions you can do to fix this problem. But, if the going gets rough, Mr Drains is here to help. We have decades of experience in handling and Unblocking drains. No matter how simple or complex the problem is, our team is always here to drain your worries away.


Common Causes of Blocked Sink Drains

Whether it’s a blocked kitchen sink, bathroom sink or shower drain, these items are often the cause for the blockage.

  1. Grease, Oil and soap
  2. Piled up hair
  3. Food or other objects that fell into the drain
  4. Broken pipes or cracked sink
  5. Mineral Buildup

DIY Solutions using Common Household Items to Try First

We understand that it’s trouble when you have a blocked sink all of a sudden. Seeing dirty dishes piled up on your kitchen sink or waiting a long time for the water to drain in your bathroom sink is not a situation everyone wants to be in. So, before picking up the phone and dial 02 9986 1234, try these simple solutions first:

  1. Boiling Water – the most straightforward and most accessible solution compared to others. Boil water using a Kettle . Then, pour boiling water into the sink and try and get all the water directly into the plug hole as its best not to get the boiling water on your basin. If the water doesn’t go down, wait for the sink to cool and repeat the process until successful.

2. Vinegar and Baking Soda – pour at least one cup of baking soda followed by the same amount of white or apple cider vinegar to the drain. Afterwards, wait for the bubbles to subside and put a plug in.  Run water after 15 minutes to test if the drain is clog-free. Repeat the process if necessary.

3. Coat Hanger – every household has this, but always make sure to use this with caution. The hanger wire can scratch the pipe. Straighten the coat hanger and use it to reach out the gunk and either push it down or pull it out. Also try and use the end of the coat hanger as hook to pull out the hair blocking the drain.

4. Plunger – another common household item. Place the plunger on the drain and starting plunging many times. Once you hear that the suction cleared the Blockage, pour warm water to flush the drain.

If all else fails…

Unblocking sinks have simple solutions, but there are times that these won’t work. It’s time for Mr Drains to help you drain the gunk away. Since 1988, we’ve been clearing blocked Drains and draining worries from our clients 24/7. We have the necessary tools, equipment  and knowledge needed to ensure that your drains are working as it should be.

How we make it happen:

The equipment we use depends on the location and severity of the blockage. Our first step is to assess the situation then choose from these tools to get the job done:

Video Pipe Inspection Equipment to inspect the blockage inside the drain. The camera shows blockages’ location,and condition of the pipework giving us the information we need to assess the situation and find out the perfect solution to drain the blockage.

High Pressure Hydro Jetters to blast high pressure water to efficiently eliminate a large amount of trees roots, grease, soap scum, mineral buildups and more.

High pressure water jet blasters are used  to reach the blockage and cut it  out,, forcefully removing gunk in the drain pipes. d.

Are your blocked  sinks causing you trouble at home or work? Have you tried all the DIY solutions available to you and nothing worked? Reach out to Mr Drains and get a free quote for your blocked sink. Dial 02 9986 1234 to speak with us and experience the Mr Drains guarantee—quality service, honest pricing and friendly, experienced tradespeople.