Washing Machine Installation

Washing Machine Installation

Washing Machine Installations

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The Reliable Washing Machine Installation Professionals

Finding the perfect washing machine already requires research and time. With all the different brands, sizes and functionalities, you need to know which is the one that works for your needs and, more importantly, for your laundry. 

Whether replacing an old washing machine or in the middle of moving or renovating, it’s important to know that installing a washing machine comes with many considerations. So give yourself peace of mind. Hire Mr Drains for your washing machine plumbing installation.

Mr Drains offers a washing machine installation service covering everything from fitting and installation to testing and after-sales. Our expert team can get this done right the first time around, removing your stress and worries away.

Why Call the Expert Plumbers?

Installing a washing machine is not as simple as it looks. You’ll need to consider the size of the unit, especially when being installed between cabinets, walls or other furniture, where the water line is, making sure the drainage is working correctly and choosing the suitable hose fittings. If the unit is not installed correctly, it will not work as intended or leaks may spread within the room where your washing machine is.

It’s always recommended for professionals to do the dirty work for you. Our skilled plumbers can help with your washing machine installation needs:

  • Install taps, drains and other required plumbing for your new or existing washing machine
  • Disconnect the old washing machine
  • Install any type and brand of washing machine
  • Install your washing machine in tight spaces, cabinets and more and even remove your old washing machine for you.
  • Work hand and hand with other builders in case you’re renovating your home
  • Provide recommendations in washing machine functions and tips on how to maintain your unit

Mr Drains’ Washing Machine Installation Process

We always want our customers to have a worry and stress-free experience when installing washing machines. With this, Mr Drains follows a strict process to ensure our installations are done correctly and in good quality service.

Step 1: Checks Your Area

Our plumbers will check your area regarding existing plumbing and electrical connections to power your to-be-installed washing machine while also looking for pipes and drains that require repairs or replacements before proceeding with the installation.

Step 2: Provides a Quotation

We provide a detailed quotation once we’ve inspected the area. The quotation already includes everything from service fees and necessary equipment needed, which we’ll bring on site. If ever additional equipment is needed, we have stock of the latest equipment in our vehicle so that you won’t need to run to the nearest hardware store. If you’re a pensioner or Senior Cardholder, we grant a 10% discount on the bill. 

Step 3: Inspects The Washing Machine Unit

Before we install the unit, we do an overall inspection of the washing machine to make sure it’s in good working condition.

Step 4: Disconnects Your Old Washing Machine

We can disconnect your old washing machine and prepare the area for the installation of the new one. Mr Drains can also take away your old washing machine for you, but at an additional cost.

Step 5: Installs The Washing Machine

Mr Drains will connect your washing machine to a water supply, drainage and electrical outlet.

Step 6: Tests the Washing Machine

After installation, our team will test the unit if it’s working without any problems. In case problems arise, our team on your site will immediately diagnose the problem.

Step 7: Cleans Up

Once we’ve tested the unit and you are satisfied with the service, our plumbers will start cleaning the area, which is part of the Mr Drains Guarantee.

Step 8: Provides After Sales Service

Our service doesn’t end at installation and testing. Our Mr Drains representatives are always happy to help you whether problems arise days or even weeks after the washing machine installation service.

If you want a washing machine plumbing installation, you can always book an appointment with us. Wherever you are in Sydney, we’d love to do the job for you and bring a smile to your face while using your newly installed washing machine.