Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing

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  • Experienced Tradesmen
  • We offer a permanent solution
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Experience with Blocked Drains
Residential Plumbing Services in Sydney, Australia

Residential plumbing issues are common and can happen to anyone at any time. Whether a plumbing issue or emergency, leaks, burst pipes, blocked sinks, blocked toilets and other plumbing issues are frustrating when it happens. Our plumbers understand entirely how this feels.

Mr Drains is always ready to send out plumbers to investigate the cause, fix your residential plumbing issues and explain to you possible DIY solutions and preventions you can do in the future. Our guarantee is giving you always the best service and permanent solutions that will provide fixes and clear answers for your plumbing issues. 

Have that peace of mind and enjoy the rest of the day as Mr Drains will handle all your plumbing problems. Call us and book an appointment and get an upfront quote with a 10% discount for all pensioners and Senior Card holders.

Mr Drains Residential Plumbing Services

Here’s what our qualified residential master plumbers can do for you:

Residential Property Inspection – Mr Drains can conduct a monthly or quarterly plumbing inspection and maintenance to your residential area to prevent any issues that may happen in the future.

Fresh Water Lines – We plan, source and install plumbing systems and maintain them to ensure freshwater is coming into your home, letting you use freshwater when showering, bathing, cooking, cleaning, drinking, and more. Our plumbers can also do inspections and repairs on your overall plumbing system in case of leaks and issues.

Slab Leaks – Leaks within your slab foundations may happen because of external factors, leading to extensive structural damage. In case you encounter warm floors, hearing running water or signs of water along baseboards, it’s time to contact our plumbers for checking your residential foundations for leaks and other issues.

Gas PlumbingOur plumbers are qualified and trained to do gas leak detection, repairs and installation for your residential area.

Drain Cleaning – Regular draining is essential to prevent corrosion and buildup within pipes and drains. We can do routine drain cleaning and maintenance to your drains or perform drain cleaning on blocked pipes.

Hydro Jetting – With the use of powerful hydro jets, our plumbers can unblock pipes easily. The powerful stream and water pressure can push out the debris that caused the blockage within the pipes without damaging it.

Exterior Residential Plumbing – We can also take care of plumbing outside your house, as long as it’s part of your residential area. Our expert plumbers can work on your underground drainage pipes, gutters and more.

Venting and Waste System – The venting and waste system is responsible for the removal of greywater in your home. Installing this system helps in preventing wastewater from getting mixed inside the septic system.

Water Heater Repair and InstallationAlways have access to warm and cold water whenever you’re washing the dishes or taking a shower and bath. Book an appointment with Mr Drains and our plumbers can install a new water heater or repair your old one if it doesn’t work anymore.

When should you call a Residential Plumber

Residential plumbing covers everything in your home, including drainage, pipes, gas lines, water lines, small and large fixtures and more. But, when should you call and ask for help from your friendly plumbing service provider?

Dial 02 9986 1234 or book online in case you experience these signs:

  1. You have a blocked drain or sink
  2. Hear running water even if the tap is not in use
  3. You don’t know why there’s water on the floor or ceiling
  4. When you need to repair or replace your wall heater
  5. When you smell gas at home
  6. You have a leaking tap and running toilet
  7. If you need to repair, replace or upgrade your water heater

Why choose Mr Drains for your Residential plumbing needs?

Aside from our decades of plumbing experience, there are more reasons why you should choose Mr Drains as your Residential Plumber.

  • Our plumbers are English speaking and can clearly explain the root problem and how they will repair or install it.
  • You will get a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all our plumbing repairs and installations.
  • We offer continuous learning for our plumbers. All of our plumbers attend bi-weekly training meetings, keeping them up to date with the latest industry, building and safety regulations and new technology.
  • There is no need to make unnecessary trips to the supplier or hardware stores. All our vehicles are stocked up with the most popular parts and supplies, saving you time and money.
  • We offer true emergency plumbing service through our 24/7 staffed operation centre.
  • We respect our customer’s property. Our plumbers make sure to keep it clean and tidy whilst they are working and after working onsite.

Have that peace of mind and book an appointment with us online. Mr Drains will handle all of your plumbing concerns and needs.

Our Residential Plumbing Process

An effectively working residential plumbing system gives homeowners access to safe drinking water and clear drains. Meanwhile, plumbers who service water lines fix issues that often lead to leaks in the ceiling or change pipes not advised to use anymore.

Our plumbers follow a process that ensures everything is checked and taken care of. Here’s how we do things:


We make sure to hear your situation and inspect your area and plumbing system to identify the cause of the problem.

Planning and Recommendations

After inspecting, we create a plan and explain our recommendations on how to fix your plumbing problem. The fixed upfront quotation is already included. We also grant a 10% discount for all pensioners and Senior Card holders.


Once you agree with our discussion, we can schedule when we will implement the solutions and start doing the job.

On-call After Sales Service

You can always reach out to us at 02 9986 1234 or book online if you experience any problems with your plumbing.