How to improve and Fix Low Water Pressure

What are the common causes of low hot water pressure in your home?

The most common cause of low hot water pressure is a burst hot water pipe. Burst pipes are caused by aging pipework, corrosion, and faulty parts. Low water pressure around the home in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry are an indicator of a burst water pipe. 

Other causes of low hot water pressure include;

  • Blocked filters on your tempering valve, 
  • faulty isolation valves throughout the home and 
  • peak usage times will also affect the pressure in your home. This is due to high water use within your neighbourhood at one time.  You will notice low water pressure in your shower heads and all fixtures as a large number of people will be drawing/using water from sydney water’s water main.

How to fix irregular water pressure?

If you are having poor water pressure in your home or irregular water pressure in your home is caused by blocked shower head filters or water restrictors. Low water pressure can happen in all fixtures of the house as most taps have filters that could block up and they need cleaning regularly.

How to increase the water pressure in my house?

Increasing water pressure in the home, The quickest way to ensure you are getting the most pressure out of your plumbing system is to ensure your isolation valves are opened all the way. If you are still finding the pressure to low pumps can be installed on your water lines to increase the pressure.

Low Water Pressure

Will bigger pipes increase the pressure in the home?

 Are you considering increasing your water pipes size to combat Sydney’s low water pressure, low water pressure in your hot and cold pipes? Increasing your water pipe size will not increase the water pressure but it will increase your follow rate of water. So in turn you will get more water but not at increased pressure.

Are you experiencing low water pressure in your shower head? 

There are a few things that can contribute to this.

  • Blocked filter in the shower head.
  • Having a water restrictor in the shower, This can be removed.
  • An issue with the taps.
  • Style of shower head – Generally the bigger rain style shower head have the issue with low water pressure due to the design of the shower head.

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