How do fix a clogged sink

Blocked sinks are often caused by hair, food, oil, dirt, soap scum and gets stuck in the drain. With everyday use, gunk accumulates and blocks the drain. There’s no need to worry as there are easy solutions you can do to fix this problem.

How do fix a clogged sink

Is a clogged (blocked) drain an emergency?

Yes, A blocked drain is an emergency as once its blocked you cant not use the sink until it is unblocked. Also depending where the blockage is located in the sewer system using other plumbing fixtures connected to the sewer could result in surcharging in the sink.

How to unclog ( block) a sink clogged (blocked) with grease?

1. Most homes has a old plunge in the garage or around the house somewere, They are a very simple tool to use, Place the end of the plunger over the drain outlet and apply pressure and pump for 10-15 sec and then fill the sink and let a large amount of water down the drain.

2.Try to pour boiling water down the drain, Please be mindful that its blocked and the boiling water may not drain as quick as normal so on the first attempt take it slow, Once draining repeat the process 3-4 times.

3. If are are filling super handy the trap located under the sink is connected and sealed by locking nuts which can easily be undone turning in a clockwise motion, Once removed clean out the trap and wash out. Remember not to use the sink as you have disconnected it. Re install and test by running the taps.

4. If all these fails give Us a call on 9986 1234 Mr drains will solve this in no time for you.

How do fix a clogged sink when the clog is far away?

The best way to clear a blocked sink when it is located a long way down the sewer line is using a high pressure water jet blaster this means uses high pressured water to navigate the bends and offsets in the pipe and also has a cutting head attachment which will remove the blockage from the pipe.

What is the best way to unclog a slow draining sink?

If you have tried all the home remedies and they haven’t worked for you, A plumber has a pump which will remove the blockage and allow the water to drain away, You then have the option of an acid treatment to burn and remove all the left over debris which caused your blockage or you could get a plumber to us ethe high pressure water jet blaster to clear and clean the inside of the pipes.

Can my landlord charge me for a clogged kitchen sink?

Is there is cases that some landlords will try and pass the cost of a blocked sink back onto the tenant. If the drains is blockage due to poor house keeping and has a lot of rubbish down the drain that shouldn’t normal be in a drain the owner will put this back onto the tenant, However if it located down further in the pipework which we can tell straight away and is a result of ageing pipes or broken pipes and this type of blockage is a result of wear and tear it is the owners responsibility.

How to prevent future drain clogs?

The best way to prevent blockage drains is having a great house keeping system in place, like wiping plates down and all little food scraps into the bin, all oils fats and grease either wiped up with paper towel and place into a bin or larger amounts of oil and cooking fats frozen and placed into the bin.

Having a preventative maintenance plan is the best way of maintaining a flowing drain. Speak with the team at Mr drains of the different option you have to prolong the life of your drainage system. Just image never having a blocked drain again.

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