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Fix your dripping tap, once and for all – before it causes more damage to your cabinets, flooring and house structure.

Our common tap repairs include screeching or clanking taps when turned on and off, a leaking tap where the tap spits or dribbles water instead of streaming or your dripping tap just won’t turn off completely – these are all tap repairs Mr Drains can fix today!

Replace taps or new basin sets

If you need to a replace basin tap or need a new basin set, the work can take from an hour or up to half a day to complete. The taps and the plumbing under the sink or vanity must be removed and replaced to match the new set of taps being installed.

Mr Drains can also complete a vanity installation – purchase your vanity and the taps to go with it and we can install it into your bathroom.

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Mr Drains offers a unique Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Never used Mr Drains before? As a family Sydney plumber business for over 27 years, we plumb the right way. Our workmanship is covered by our guarantee!

Replace taps with The Mr Drains team

Save $30 when you book online. Our 20 plumbers around Sydney are ready when you are!

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Oh no, not a clogged toilet! Call Mr Drains, emergency plumber

With extensive experience in toilet repairs and blocked toilets, our plumbing team is ready to fix your toilet, quick smart. We can do cistern repairs too.

Located across Sydney, our toilet unblocker can be there 24 hours, 7 days a week, whenever you need help.

Our emergency plumber Sydney service is manned, and ready for your call - 9986 1234.

Looking for a plumber to install a toilet?

You have come to the right plumber. If you haven’t purchased your new toilet yet for your toilet installation, the list of products available on the market is amazing and the choice is infinite. We take the guess work out of your decision - Mr Drains is happy to provide some professional advice to help you in the decision to upgrade your toilet. Your new toilet installation can be easy and trouble free.

Call us today on 9986-1234 or book online!

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Leaking shower? Try our shower repair service!

The cause of a leaking shower is the main concern. Mr Drains uses several techniques to pin point exactly where your leak is coming from. If left unattended it can cause damage behind the scenes – the walls, floors, house structure or neighbouring property if you live in an apartment or duplex.

Finding the shower leak – leave it to us!

This is the most important and hardest part of the job. It can save you money and hassle if the source of the leak is identified. Mr Drains experience and unobtrusive equipment will find it!

• Our shower base technicians test all the pipes in the shower wall and in the base of the shower to diagnose the source of the water penetration.

• Mr Drains use innovative thermal imaging camera to check behind walls for leaks.

• The shower head can be capped off with a pressure gauge to see if there is a pressure drop in the pipes between the shower head and the taps.

Fixing the leaking shower

Once the source of the leak has been found, we will recommend a shower repair. We explain the options available to you, how we will fix it and provide a quote.

In most cases, the shower seal has deteriorated around the base. If this has occurred, Mr Drains recommend using a shower sealant to reseal this area. This service comes with a 12-year guarantee.

Still unsure? Talk to a plumber on 9986 1234.

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Mr Drains for all roof repairs and gutter repairs

Do you have a leaking roof and have no idea where the leak is coming from?

Mr Drains can help you with all types of roof leak repairs. With over 27 years’ experience fixing roofs around Sydney and the diagnostic equipment for find your roof leak, fast, call Mr Drains. We also do flat roof repairs!

High quality gutter repairs and gutter replacement

Mr Drains replace rusted guttering, down pipes and valley iron using Colourbond material that comes with a 25 year corrosion warranty.

Call us now on 9986 1234 to talk to a plumber or to book an appointment

Quick roof leak and gutter repair quotes

The hardest part is finding the leak. Mr Drains use drones to investigate your issues and show you exactly where the problem is and how we are going to fix it. No need to climb on your roof, saving you time!

On the job safety - All our plumbers use OH&S approved harness kits to protect themselves from falling.

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Ask a plumber!

Fill in your details below and we'll get back to you within the hour!
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