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Need an Emergency Plumber in Normanhurst, New South Wales?

Only 22 kilometres from the Sydney central business district, Normanhurst is just about one hour commute by train, perfect for those who want to stay a little bit farther from, the hustle and bustle but still have easy access to visit. This lovely suburb is a great place for families with its public transport and prominent schools. But, Normanhurst is also a great location if residents want to visit nearby natural attractions, historical sites, heritage locations and entertainment venues.

Looking into properties in Normanhurst, New South Wales? Or, currently, living within the neighbourhood? It’s always important to make sure that your residential or commercial property is in tip top condition through proper maintenance and care. And one that should be on your checklist is getting your plumbing system regularly checked. Why? This will let you find out the condition of your pipes and if there are leaks or sediment buildup happening inside, which can cause expensive damage to your property.

Mr Drains can do a plumbing inspection of your residential or commercial property and do fixes along the way for you. For emergencies, reach out to us at 02 9986 1234 or book a job online to schedule a site visit aligned with your schedule.


Blocked Drains
General Plumbing
Water & Gas
Hot Water
Trenchless Pipe Repairs

For commercial and residential property owners in Normanhurst, you can rely on Mr Drains to solve your plumbing problems as quickly and economically as possible. We always make sure to do the job right and keep your property clean at the same time.

Blocked Drains in Normanhurst

It’s common for blocked drains to happen, whether in a commercial or residential property in Normanhurst. It could be because of the property’s age, tree roots in your drains, debris buildup from the kitchen or shower and more.

When a blocked drain happens, which could be the toilet, kitchen drain, shower drain, sewer, pool drainage and more, don’t hesitate to call the experts. There are DIY solutions you can rely on, but we suggest to book a job with us so we can see the root of the problem and prevent blocked drains from happening further. Our plumbers use the latest equipment to clean your pipes and will even help with how to properly maintain your drains moving forward.

Emergency Plumber in Normanhurst

Plumbing emergencies always need to be dealt with as soon as possible before it causes further damage—and that is our mission. Our true emergency lines are manned by real people with experience who are ready to give advice when you need it the most. Meanwhile, our emergency plumbers going to Normanhurst to fix the problem always bring in everything needed to get the job done as economically and quickly as possible.

No matter what time of the day you call, there will be someone from Mr Drains to answer your call. Call 02 9986 1234 to contact our emergency line and have a local plumber dispatched to your area immediately.

Burst Pipe in Normanhurst

A burst pipe is not something property owners should leave unattended. Leaving it alone will only make it a costly problem to handle in the future. But in the first place, how does a burst pipe happen? This could happen when there is high water pressure, or the pipes are weakened due to corrosion. Other reasons are wear and tear, and something that happened underground that ruined the plumbing lines. 

Some common signs of a burst pipe in your property are when there are puddles of water around the damaged pipes, you have high water bills and your water pressure is lower than usual. Once you’ve seen even one of the signs, it’s time to call Mr Drains, and our professional plumbers will handle the rest for you.

Pipe Relining in Normanhurst

The plumbing system has a broken pipe but is located underground? Don’t worry, as Mr Drains has the perfect solution for you. 

Say goodbye to the stress of worrying about the landscaping or the hassle of dealing with the aftermath of getting the yard dug up. Pipe relining is a non invasive and less disruptive solution that doesn’t require digging, unlike traditional pipe replacement methods. With this procedure, we’ll insert a new epoxy lining inside the pipe and let it cure so that the cracks are covered from the inside and let your pipes work like new again.

Why Choose Mr Drains as Emergency Plumber in Normanhurst, New South Wales?

It all started in 1988—Mr Drains was born to cater to the plumbing needs and provide great customer service. Fast forward to today, Mr Drains remains the same as before. The business is still brimming with passion for helping others and solving their plumbing problems.

On top of that, we have the Mr Drains guarantee to make our customers happy and have peace of mind while the plumbing issues are being dealt with.

What is the Mr Drains Guarantee?

Trained and Trusted

Mr Drains continuously trains employed licensed plumbers through our bi-weekly training sessions to update them with the latest news and technology in the industry. Beyond that, they can communicate clearly to customers the plumbing problem and how to fix it.

Insured and with Warranty

Aside from providing a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all our plumbing repairs and installations, we also carry a $20m public liability policy to give you and your property extra protection that you deserve

Fixed and Transparent

Regarding costs, we always show our customers fixed upfront prices, so you know where your money went. For all pensioners and Senior Card holders, we give a 10% discount.

Fully Stocked Vehicles

We always ensure our vehicles are fully stocked before going to your property at all times to prevent unnecessary trips to the supplier and let you save on costs.

24/7 Emergency Plumber in Normanhurst

You can rely on our true emergency line which is available around the clock to answer your call. Our line is manned by real people with experience to help and advise when you need it most.

Making Customers Happy is Our Priority

Solving plumbing problems is our expertise. With this, we ensure that all plumbing jobs we get are resolved with high-quality solutions that work and last long so that customers call us again whenever there is a plumbing issue that needs to be fixed or recommend us to others within the community.

Need a plumbing system inspected, or are you experiencing a plumbing problem? Call our master plumber at 02 9986 1234 for emergencies or book a job online, and we’ll send plumbers to Normanhurst or the surrounding suburbs as soon as possible.