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Need an Emergency Plumber in Hornsby, New South Wales?

Situated in North Sydney, Hornsby is only 25 kilometres by train and about 24 kilometres by road from the lively Sydney central business district. In this leafy suburb, you will discover hectares of parkland, heritage locations like the Hornsby Quarry, Mount Wilga House and Old Man’s Valley Cemetery and busy commercial establishments — making it the perfect mix of nature and amenities for everyone.

Hornsby is a great place for families who want to live close to nature while also for entrepreneurs who want to take part in bustling commercial centres. Make sure your Hornsby property’s plumbing system is working properly to avoid complex issues and problems in the future, whether you’re moving in or already living/using the property. 

If you want a plumbing inspection or experiencing burst pipes, plumbing emergencies or blocked drains in Hornsby, Mr Drains has your back. Just call our expert plumbers in Hornsby at 02 9986 1234 for emergencies or book a job online with us, and we will be at your property as quickly as possible. Our plumbers are licensed and continually attend training to continue improving their skills and providing the best customer service possible to you.


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We always make sure you get more than you pay. Our plumbers always apply the Mr Drains guarantee in every job we do. We offer services for Hornsby residents and commercial property owners, such as fixing blocked drains, burst pipes and pipe relining. There is also our emergency plumbing services for urgent issues.

Blocked Drains in Hornsby

Are your drains constantly draining water at a slower speed than usual? Or do you hear gurgling noises and smell something weird from your drains? These are a few of the common signs of a blocked drain, and it is a must that plumbers have a look as soon as possible. Leaving this issue alone, thinking that it will eventually fix itself, can lead to problems. The harmful effects of this is that it could attract pests and moulds and lead water to other parts of the house instead, causing leakage and damage to your home structure. Stop a simple blocked drain in Hornsby from turning into a complicated problem in the future. Call Mr Drains, and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will first inspect your drains and pipes, including sewers, toilets, sinks and stormwaters, to ensure we have all the necessary information before coming up with a solution. Afterwards, we’ll clean your pipes to remove the blockage or replace them if needed.

Emergency Plumber in Hornsby

When a plumbing emergency happens, let the experts handle it for you. Mr Drains has a true emergency line you can rely on to get on top of things. No matter what time of the day, our team will help you fix your plumbing problems as quickly and economically as possible. Whether it’s an ongoing general plumbing problem or a sudden burst pipe or sewage issue, we’ll bring our expertise to your property.

Burst Pipe in Hornsby

Leaving a burst pipe unattended will only give you and your wallet a headache. Why? Because it can cause damages to your home and property—we’re not only talking about short term damages but long term damages that will give you a run for your money! If you’re still confused about spotting the signs of a burst pipe in Hornsby, you better watch out for these when you’re checking your pipes: regular fluctuating water pressure, your tap releasing brownish or murky water, you smell something like rotten eggs, there are mysterious water puddles in your property and your water bill costs more than it should. When you already see a burst pipe happening or signs of one, it’s best to call Mr Drains right away. 

Pipe Relining in Hornsby

Broken pipes? No problem! Are these pipes located underground? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Mr Drains uses no dig technology that allows us to fix your pipes without making a hole in your property. No need to worry about your landscaping, yard, or anything near your pipes. Pipe relining is a state of the art solution that we use to replace damaged sewer and stormwater pipes or fix them without the need to dig your property. In other words, it can restore your pipes to their former glory from damages caused by corrosion, leaks or cracks from roots. We place a lining inside and let it dry to add a ‘new pipe’ from within your old pipe, which is more cost effective than the old way of fixing pipes.

No matter your plumbing concerns, you can rely on Mr Drains to solve them for you. Easily book a job online or call our emergency lines to get plumbing to your properties as soo as possible and handle urgent issues.

Why Choose Mr Drains as Emergency Plumber in Hornsby, New South Wales?

Besides being a fully licensed and insured company with a massive range of skills and experience, we continuously strive to provide the best quality solutions and customer service to all domestic, commercial and strata clients in Hornsby and any other place in Sydney.

Mr Drains is backed up with decades of experience and our guarantee to every customer.

What is the Mr Drains Guarantee?

  1. All our plumber in hornsby are licensed and receive bi-weekly training to hone their skills and stay up to date with the latest trends, technology and news within the industry.
  2. There is a $20m public liability policy to give you and your property to provide you with the protection you deserve.
  3. You will receive a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all our plumbing repairs and installations.
  4. We ensure our vehicles are always fully stocked with the most common parts and supplies to avoid unnecessary trips to suppliers.
  5. In case of emergencies, our lines are open to assist you 24/7 and dispatch plumbers to Hornsby as soon as possible to handle your urgent plumbing issues.
  6. You are always our priority. Customers always top our list. With this, we will do everything we can to make you happy and call us again for all your plumbing needs.

Got plumbing problems in Hornsby? Mr Drains is more than happy to assist and solve your plumbing woes. Call 02 9986 1234 for emergencies or book a job online with us online for non-urgent issues.