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Cheap Blocked Drains?

Cheap Blocked Drains?

In a time where we are watching every penny, we can get lured into offers that seem too good to be true. Some plumbing companies are now offering to clear your blocked drain for $49. Before you jump in and call them out, ask them exactly what you get for $49 to clear your blocked drain because your $49 can quickly turn into $499!

You need to know up-front all the hidden costs involved with clearing your blocked drain thoroughly. Some plumbers clear a drain with an eel or a water jet and get the drain flowing
without removing the obstruction properly. This will cause the drain to block again in the next few days and you won’t be happy.

To remove an obstruction like tree roots properly you must spend more time cutting the roots out thoroughly or they will grow back again very quickly.

Before the plumber arrives, have a sewer diagram ready and the sewer access points located. This will save the plumber time and you money.

Ask the following questions;

"Will my drain be thoroughly cleared for that price?"
"Are you licensed to clear a blocked drain?"
"Do you offer a 90 day guarantee on your work?"
"What will it cost if it takes more time than you estimate?"
"Are you using the latest drain cleaning equipment?"
"Do you have a cctv drain camera if I need one?"
"What options do you offer after the drain is clear for a permanent solution?"

If you believe they can answer all these questions and you are confident they will do a good job and look after your property, give them a go.


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Subscribe today and we will send you a $50 Gift Voucher

 At Mr Drains, we like to keep in touch with you, our customer and infrom you about important changes that will affect you.

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